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with Jeffrey

Feldenkrais Method at its heart is a movement practice that enlivens and invigorates each person's innate ability to adapt and change—our plasticity.

We all have nervous systems that are constantly sensing and learning, guiding our behavior, our perceptions, our thinking, and the image we hold of ourselves and how we fit in the world. Through care-filled touch, clear movement, intentional talking, and deep listening, my work as a Feldenkrais practitioner is to create the conditions for my clients to direct their unique process of change, to become more intimately in their sensations, and to continue to move into who and how they want to be in the world, or as Moshe Feldenkrais once said, "to live our unavowed dreams."


There are two ways to practice Feldenkrais: group classes called Awareness-Through-Movement and individual sessions called Functional Integration. The method centers each individual and adapts to your specific needs and desires. Either/both of these modes are excellent if you:

  • are experiencing big transitions or reorganizations in your life/self

  • want to enhance or refine specific movements or functions

  • looking to calm your nervous system

  • are hoping to increase mobility and decrease pain

  • if you want to feel more connected to yourself and what is possible

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