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Functional Integration (FI) sessions are tailored to each individual, and are beneficial for anyone at any time. It can be particularly helpful for people experiencing big transitions or reorganizations in their lives, those needing a chance to calm their nervous systems, artists and athletes who want to refine their action, and anyone who is feeling curious about creating more possibilities for their whole self.


One-to-one sessions take place at my home studio often on a Feldenkrais table (similar to a massage table). You remain fully clothed during the session, aside from removing your shoes, and your comfort is prioritized. If possible I will organize the session around a request you have for yourself, be it an activity you want to be better at, a part of you that feels unintegrated, or some other desire. FI Sessions are hands-on, using gentle touch and movement to connect into your nervous system as a way to reset, restore, energize and expand your potential.


Cost per session is $50-$100 sliding scale (cash/check/venmo/ paypal/zelle). If cost is a barrier, you can book a Pay-As-Able Session and pay $25-$49 or trade! (Pay-As-Able Sessions are available 5 days in advance)

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